live in concert at home.


our mission.

When your foot starts to bob to the beat and the corners of your mouth are rising, we‘ve accomplished our mission. An absolutely authentic music reproduction, “live in concert”.
The goal of airplain is to build active loudspeaker systems that set new standards with the means available today.

"this is how music should sound"

Read in the current review on AV-Guide why the author is so enthusiastic about our phli mini u.


phli WEISS-Edition.

It is here! The WHITE edition of the airplain phli active speaker systems is now available! With built-in roon streamer in your desired color, as phli and phli mini. Experience your favorite musicians up close, so close that you almost feel their breath.

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Active loudspeaker systems

Active loudspeaker systems, or active loudspeakers for short, have integrated the complete electronics including amplifier. The airplain products also include an audio streamer. In addition to the sonic advantages, the advantage also lies in the reduction of the required components and in the very compact design. All you need is an airplain system and your favorite musicians are suddenly right in front of you. At least acoustically.


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