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swiss air motion transformer.


The mission is clear. Developing music systems that bring the music to you as directly and unadulterated as possible, this is the goal of airplain. To achieve this, it is essential to understand the nature of music as much as knowing the limits of human hearing. When designing the system special attention was paid to both of these aspects.
A musical instrument is recognized as such by humans in the first fractions of a second. Be it a violin, trumpet or piano, the first sound wave fronts reaching the ear are absolutely crucial. This means that pulses must be transmitted undistorted by the transducer.
The reason why music playback seems much more relaxed and authentic with correct impulse playback can be easily explained. Our brain has to do less work.
Listening once to your favorite musicians on an airplain music system you will no longer go for a conventional speaker system, regardless if drummer or string player.



Reproducing as much of the original music as possible means losing or changing as little of it as possible. That’s why all aiprlain products are built to be virtually flawless on all sound-critical elements. To achieve this, the latest findings in acoustics are incorporated and, of course, the latest components with virtually error-free transmission behavior are used. Technically unavoidable nonlinearities are corrected with state-of-the-art digital signal processing.



Perfect function and optical quality lead to a good industrial design. Perfect function and optical quality lead to a good industrial design. When the most important technical questions, among others the number of the used loudspeaker chassis as well as the necessary interior volume were clear, a cuboid with four circular elements, which takes up one loudspeaker chassis each, was derived from it. The loudspeaker chassis are covered with an element made of luxurious fabric.
The speaker look also assimilates well with an existing living space. The stainless steel surfaces offer a wide range of design options.


ultra solid.

Looking for the best cabinet material, the decision fell on stainless steel after various measurements and listening sessions. The reason is up to 20 dB better insulation at low frequencies compared to other materials such as MDF or aluminum. The advantage is based on the much higher density and tightness of stainless steel.
In addition, the surface can be powder-coated in an environmentally friendly way or covered with noble materials such as wood veneers or leather.

ultra solid
high insulation
high surface quality

first class.

There is a huge selection of high-quality components on the speaker market. Purifi from Denmark is a newcomer and already has dozens of patents for their novel dynamic transducers. The drive systems are revolutionary and allow huge excursions and this at the same time with the lowest distortion values.
The tweeters work according to the A.M.T.® principle of the German-American physicist Oskar Heil. The folded diapgragms are made by the Swiss A.M.T.® pioneer Precide SA in Ticino. These are equipped by airplain with a specific high-performance magnet system and can be used about two octaves lower than comparable tweeters. This minimizes the interference between midrange and tweeter chassis enormously.



As a partner for the digital electronics, airplain was able to win the renowned Swiss company Weiss Engineering ltd. Weiss is a leading supplier in studio technology and offers top-class DSP and streaming solutions.
On the other hand, those looking for the state-of-the-art amplifiers on the global market, you will again come across Purifi. With Eigentakt, the Danes have developed power amplifier modules that are leaders in all technical disciplines.
What better than combining the most sophisticated digital technology with the best power amplifier technology?

high output
minimum distortions
highend dsp
fir filter


Every listening room and every living room has its own style and therefore its own acoustics. lacing the speakers in the room is often fraught with various compromises, as different aspects have to be taken into account when setting them up With the flexible electronics, various parameters can be adjusted allowing the sound flourishing the best way possible .
Thanks to the integrated network streamer, you can stream your own music directly via the award-winning music management software roon® and audirvana®. (*in certification process)

streaming (roon*, audirvana*)
vinyl emulation
room correction
bass quantity
tonal balance


Loudspeakers should match the interior. For this reason all models are available with a wide variety of finishes. Thefurniture manufacturer Thomas Sutterin Appenzell gives the airplain speakers a noble exterior. Wood, leather or a certain paint or metallic coating are some possibilities. For the round covers, the finest fabrics from the Jakob Schläpfer manufactory in St. Gallen are used. Beautiful embroideries with different motifs perfectly match the rest of the outfit.

wood veneered


The airplain loudspeaker system is designed in a way offering various options for placement, be it standing or lying, close to the wall or on a shelf.
This is possible because this aspect has been considered from the very beginning. On the one hand, it is possible to rotate the tweeter by 90° in horizontal operation, and on the other hand, thanks to the exceptionally low crossover frequency between the midrange and tweeter, no interference occurs when they are placed side by side instead of on top of each other. In addition, the woofers, which are only mounted on one side, allow for a second placement or lying surface. Zudem ermöglichen die nur auf einer Seite angebrachten Tieftöner eine zweite Stell- bzw. Liegefläche.
A large room? With an optional subwoofer unit, you can double the bass performance.

on the shelf
on the stand


nowing that the development of technological products inexorably progresses, there is a way to keep the airplain products up to date. Since all the filtering of the chassis is done by software, it is even possible to replace loudspeaker chassis. The tuning is adjusted and reprogrammed accordingly. For optical adjustments the cover grilles can be exchanged. The cabinet can also be given a new finish if desired. All parts can be disassembled and reassembled. Interfaces are selected to meet international standards so that upgrades can also be made to the electronics.
ou probably won‘t feel the need for more so quickly with an airplain system, but better safe than sorry.



airplain speaker systems are completely developed and manufactured in Switzerland. The tweeters and electronics are also mainly manufactured in Switzerland. Since Switzerland has high-qualified specialists, many excellent products are originated from our country. This is true not only for watches!