Thoughts and findings

29. June 2022 in acoustics, Loudspeaker, PHLI


Cancellations Interferences are cancellations, which can be caused by two or more sound sources or by effects in the room. In this article we will deal with interference between midrange…
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14. July 2021 in acoustics, Loudspeaker

Bassquality and -quantity

Bass reproduction The reproduction of low frequencies poses a special challenge for the loudspeaker. On the one hand, there needs to be enough diaphragm surface area and stroke, and on…
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3. June 2021 in acoustics, Loudspeaker

Max. SPL

Manufacturer specifications It is not uncommon to find manufacturer specifications that make you wonder. Especially in the case of power and sound pressure specifications, strange combinations are often encountered. It…
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12. May 2021 in Loudspeaker

Loudspeaker cabinet

The fundament The speaker cabinet is like the foundation of a house. A bad foundation and the house collapses in the next storm. It is absolutely fundamental that a loudspeaker…
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